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Introducing the end of traditional networking. Book guaranteed one-on-one time with industry-leading professionals without the hassle. Your next game-changing professional connection is just a click away.

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Inspiration in Action

Above all, we value relationships. At timeli, we know the importance of a strong network. We also Understand the challenges of building a network. Our goal is to Break the barriers of traditional Networking by providing direct-guaranteed access to industry professionals.

Users can book time-slots with available professionals, trading a set fee for their undivided time. Yes, Finally! Professional Networking Made Simple. No cold messaging. No awkward Intros. No ghosting.

When 85% of positions are filled through networking, we offer priceless meetings for your career goals.

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  • Schedule a chat with leading professionals in your industry
  • Discuss your work, get to know each other and forge connections
  • Grow your professional network and enjoy more career opportunities

Our mission is simple:

To Better Connect Individuals